Vacation: Rancho Cancio


I was born and raised in the city. Though life can get a little fast pased, it is easy for me to adapt to certain surrouding in my life. This past week, I have been travelling a lot. In fact, I have been hopping through provinces in the Philippines and it can get very exahusting.

Although, I did go back to the city and stayed at Rancho Cancio. It was my grandmother’s birthday last week. All her children, including my mom, planed a getaway to Rancho Cancio. This was our experience.


Rancho Cancio

As soon as you enter, one can see the vast majority of greenery. Flowers all over the place and the stench of freshness in the air. You immediately relax and enjoy the cold air around you.

As you walk up to the house, you are greeted by the housekeeper and directs you downstairs. Note: The only part of the house you have acces too is the downstairs area which, immediatley leads you to the pool.


Pool Area

There is a miniumu of ten people prior to reserving the ranch for a day/nights.

The view is amazing and the weather is very cool. While ataying there, you are overlooking the whole entire farm and busay.

To get there, I would say it would take atleast an hour and thrity minutes from JY Square.

The ride up was smooth same as the ride back down.  The housekeeper and maintanience guy were very friendly and accomodating.

During the time, I went there it was rainging before hand so I would suggest you bring running shoes to explore the garden side. There are three dogs in the whole ranch. Although, I only got to see the German Shepherd.

The stay orveall was very relaxing. It is a very great place to have a family reunioun like we did. There is pool table available, you can bring your own food, and just relax. As far as I was concrened, I de-stressed from all the toxins and pollution the city life gives me. I recommend you call them immediatley and book a reservation for you and your family/friends.



Essential items to bring:

  • Towel (They provide 1 towel per bed)
  • Toiletries
  • Swimming essentials
  • Drinks (i.e: wine, soft drinks, juice, etc.)
  • Food (fruits, snacks, etc.)
  • Slippers
  • Running shoes
  • Ice cooler (This is not provided)

For more datails please visit:















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